Wednesday, October 28, 2009

future cop chick

I meant for her to have a ghost in the shell/appleseed-esque look.Although i have not dont it anime style. i think i may have strayed a bit but we will see when its done...I dont have my tablet right now so ill post the finished when i can. also i will post some sketchbook pages....been doing alot of thumb nail type sketches that i need to scan and maybe add some tone to.


Arron said...

I would cop a feel on this chick's future.

Yo! This looks awesome so far. I'd make some clean paths for the armor then hit the fuckers with a nice, soft airbrush to get that precise, machined-look. The face is wonderful. Also love how you were sure to rim-light the crotch, haha.

I haven't updated for awhile, I know. This term has been damn busy with primarily traditional stuff and exercises — there's not much that would look cool posted up by itself. I've got a bunch of personal stuff in progress that I'm gonna try to finish soon however. Stay tuned, my flanneled friend.

Arron said...

"Brofile" Hilarious.

andrew domo said...

I'd tap it.